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Marriage Ritual for Muruga and Deva Sena on October 30th
Marriage Ritual

A marriage ritual for Muruga and Deva Sena will also be performed on October 30th. This marriage represents the spiritual union with the self. The Lord represents the energy that lays within the self, as potential to overcome evil or ignorance then is drawn back into its blissful source, the self. This is the union of the soul and source or the individual self and God. Mars along with a fiery sign will be very powerful and Jupiter is friendly to Mars. Hence offering your prayers to Lord Muruga will also help you receive the blessings of Mars. Participate in the Marriage ritual and receive the blessings of Mars and Muruga. Know More

Energized 5 Metal 6 Inch Shakti Vel
Energized 5 Metal 6 Inch

The Vel is a psychic weapon representing Shakti or higher intelligence. This spear was given to Muruga by his Mother Goddess Parvati. Nothing is more powerful than the Vel as it destroys karma, negativity and doubt. Order your 5 metal 6 inch Shakti Vel, which will be energized in the Skanda Sashti rituals. Always visualize it in the space between your two eyebrows. On every Tuesday, the power day of Muruga (Lord of Mars), pour water on the Vel and chant his mantra. Know More